Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nonplayer Online Press Roundup

Nonplayer #1 (out on April 6) has gotten a few more mentions online:

Over at CBR, Tim Callahan writes a great article about the emerging genre of "Gamer Comics," and says of Nonplayer -- "...one of the best-looking comics, of any sort, you're likely to read in the next few months. Is it the best-looking comic of the year? Three months in, the answer is: definitely."

IO9 has this to say -- "Simpson, who worked as a video game designer before working on comics, depicts Dana's ye olde digital playground and her futuristic world with equal aplomb."

And over at the Comic Book Road Show podcast, I got to chat with Chris and Darrell about the process of making the comic. A nice, meaty interview, topped off with my awful Frank Quitely impression!

For those of you who live in the Bay area, I'll be at WonderCon from April 1-3. It looks like we may have a few advance copies of Nonplayer #1 on hand, but supplies are limited, so swing by early if you want one!

See you in San Francisco!

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