Monday, March 14, 2011

New Nonplayer Reviews at Comics Alliance, Multiversity Comics, and Bleeding Cool

Advance reviews of Nonplayer are starting to pop up on the web, and so far the response has been pretty positive!

Comics Alliance had this to say:
"Simpson fully utilizes the comic book page to depict spectacular worlds with such detail and authenticity that it's almost like reading a lettered printout of a Miyazaki film... Whoever coined the old adage "comic books are movies with unlimited budgets" anticipated the arrival of Nonplayer."  (Go here for the entire review)
Multiversity Comics says:
"It is without a doubt in my mind that I say this comic will make Simpson's career... when a comic comes out and not only immediately catches your eye but completely reinvent the standards of what to expect from up and coming creators in the medium, it comes out as a deafening roar that no one can ignore." (Whoa. Go here for more)
And Bleeding Cool had this to say:
"...Jamie McKelvie meets James Jean meets Jeff Smith meets Geoff Darrow meets Art Adams in a massive orgy with Moebius in the middle of it all." (Read the rest here)
If you're interested in picking up a copy of Nonplayer #1 at your local comic shop, be sure to give them a call today and remind them about Nonplayer. Today's the last day that the distributor is taking orders, so this is your last chance!

Thanks, guys! 


  1. Who are you? a god? santamadredidio! sei bravissimo!!!! wonderful art! you kick my professional drawer ass really strong! wow!

  2. Good to see this is finally seeing the light of day.


  3. Awesome news Nate!!! The Date is fast approaching!!!

  4. Stefano - Uh, you got it backwards, Stefano. Your professional drawings kick my dilettante butt! Really amazing work, man. Cheers!

    Shane - Long time no see! I'm curious to hear what you think of the finished book. Hope you like it!

    Ramel - Sure is getting close! I'm going a teeny bit nuts -- I keep having these nightmares that something has gone wrong with the printing. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. It'll be nice to be past this so I can concentrate on drawing. Thanks for the attaboys, Ramel!