Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ramblin' 'Bout Reprints

The third printing of Nonplayer #1 hits stands today, so if you're one of those people who missed out the first two times, there are lots of new copies in the wild now. This blog's readership probably already has a copy, but it's never too late to introduce a friend to the pleasures of reading a comic that comes out once per presidential election!

Today's reprint has three new pinups, and they're brilliant. All three were drawn by friends I made when I worked at PopCap. That place, especially at that time, attracted ridiculous talent from every corner of the globe.

The first pinup is by David Ryan Paul, a fellow worshiper of French stuff:

I love that hair going through the sword. What a cool move.

Here's a random page from DRP's tumblr, just to give you a taste of his range:

And here's another one:

I really hope he puts out a comic. I love that color. I love the character design. Heck, I love DRP. Especially his beard.

Next up is Cory Allemeier:

Cory apologized for drawing empanadas instead of tamales falling out of Dana's delivery box. I'm glad he said sorry, because I was going to just throw it away otherwise. Ooh, I just noticed that the shadow hints at Dana's Lifeskin appearance. Cool! I love everything about this drawing. Those hands! That color!

Cory and I have been quietly working on a new project together -- one that may one day help me shift into a full-time career in comics. But since I can't show that off yet, I'll just show you a couple of his stupendously cool drawings:

It makes me mad when radness takes so little effort for somebody. But Cory is cool, so he gets a pass.

Finally, there's Mike Bear:

Mike had a very specific notion about how players in Warriors of Jarvath would go about purchasing their steeds. If you look closely, you'll see Pookie hanging from the ceiling at upper left. I don't really think there are words I can say about this that could enhance it in any way. It makes its own gravy. There's a giant velociraptor with a turret. And a dude with tiny birds nesting in his beard. I'm not sure there is a way this could be more rad. Oh, well, I guess he could have also drawn a giant robot. Oh wait, he did.

Here's a wedding announcement he made for a friend:

And here's a little thing he made that I've always loved:

Anyway, these guys all took time out of their crazy schedules to make me pretty art, so if you happen across one of them on the street, give them a big, wet kiss for me. 

All four of us will be attending the Nonplayer #2 signing at Arcane Comics in Ballard (evening of Friday, June 5), so if you want to get every pinup signed, that's just about your only choice short of stalking us individually. Which for some of us might actually be kinda cool, but Mike Bear already has so many stalkers, you might find it difficult to get a good view of him.

I'll post again as we get closer to the Nonplayer #2 release. Gonna be a busy summer!


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