Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Comic Book Day Signing at Arcane Comics

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 7, and I'll be making an appearance at Arcane Comics from noon to 4pm! I will be selling and signing advance copies from the second printing of Nonplayer #1, as well as selling some very handsome little posters. Please drop by to say hello!

Arcane Comics is located in Ballard:

5809 15th Avenue Northwest
Seattle, WA 98107-3006

Hope to see you there!



  1. Nate:

    It was great to watch you sketch, get a comic AND and poster and some great autographs on Free Comic Book Day. I am sure the book will be a great success.

    Thanks a million for the creature sketch!


    BIG PS: HUGE thanks to the kind folks of Arcane Comics for the Free Comic Book day generosity. I look forward to the birthday party this Friday at the shop!

  2. Just picked up Nonplayer at my shop in NYC (Bergen St. Comics), somewhat at random-- hadn't heard of it, I don't really play video games, & some of the characters had a vaguely anime-style "prettiness" that's usually not my speed. What made me reach for it, and hold onto it, was the incredibly deep detail and wild, wild imagination of the art. When I saw the thanx to Brandon Graham I knew I'd made a good choice, and a few pages into it I was knocked out by the art and hooked on the story. It's a cruel dlemma-- art that's so great that you want to savor every page, and a story-- and a world-- so intriguing that you're in a hurry to turn the page. By the end, after the story opens out into a second world as vivid & mysterious as the first, I was completely blown away. Made me remember how I felt reading the beginning of Neuromancer, or first issue of King City, or of Jason Lutes's Berlin. So what I've got to say now is kind of like my experience as a reader: Hurry up with that next issue!! And take your time.